I used to be a person who was afraid to speak my truth.  I used to feel as though words were all tangled up inside me, like old ropes washed up by the sea on the coarse sand of my aching throat.

I used to feel like an actor learning lines by rote, learning how to speak so others would like and accept me, how to sit with my knees together and my hands folded on my lap.  I used to feel as though I wasn’t here at all – as though the real me was watching from some other dimension and would rather be dead than here in this body, on this earth, living this life.

Now I am a person from whom the words have begun to unravel, and to my own surprise I find they are like coloured ribbons – some cotton and plain, others silken and patterned.  And the ribbons are the words that have always been waiting inside me – longing to be set free – longing to fly like birds into the sky.

I want to be a person who has the courage to always unravel these ribbons without knowing what they might say – or where they might lead.  I want to be a person who trusts in my own not knowing, and listens for guidance moment by moment, day by day.

I want to be a person who helps others to find and unravel their own inner source of wisdom, their own freedom of expression, their own voice of truth.