I had this dream pre-2009, and it now seems very significant, since 10 years later, in 2019, I’ve realized that I was born to be a storyteller and my vision now is to help revitalize the oral storytelling tradition. I spent years, pointlessly trying to be a super woman, a super mum, a super community member and a super wife, forgetting all along what I love most: stories.

I dream I am trying to turn myself into Superwoman.  I keep spinning round and around, hoping my clothes will change into the right costume, but they won’t.

They do keep changing colours, but the style is always essentially the same – long silk pants and a matching silky top in blues and greens.  Finally I hold hands with two friends and we close our eyes and spin around in a circle together, visualising Superwoman’s outfit.

At last my silk trousers turn into Superwoman’s blue leggings…..but that is the best we can manage.  No matter how we spin and wish, nothing else will change.

I look down and see my Book of Fairy Tales in a corner on the floor and it suddenly seems very significant.  The dream ends.