“Gradually by writing you will learn more and more to be free, to say all you think; and at the same time you will learn never to lie to yourself, never to pretend and attitudinise.  But only by writing and by long, patient, serious work will you find your true self.”

– Barbara Ueland

“Let it go. Let it out.

 Let it all unravel.

 Let it free and it can be

A path on which to travel.”

– Michael Leunig

Writing Courses, Workshops and Retreats

These workshops are ideal for both experienced and novice writers and are very safe.  You will find yourself in a place where you can relax and be both trusted and trusting.  In this wonderful process, you will feel respect, compassion and openness grow stronger within the group.

These are some of the workshops Nicola can deliver in a half-day, a day, a residential retreat, or a series of classes. She also delights in creating new formats and content to suit your purpose.

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Write to Unravel: Your Authentic Writing Voice (Workshop or Class Series)

How do you find and develop the writing voice that is uniquely yours? How do you get past the ‘inner critic’ that so often throws up obstacles? How do you persevere with and invigorate writing projects in which you have lost confidence or inspiration?

Write to Unravel: Your Authentic Path as a Creative Artist (Workshop or Class Series)

In this workshop you will be supported to reflect upon your creative journey through writing, to clarify your vision and purpose, and to write imaginatively about your artistic creations, whether literary, visual, tactile, musical, theatrical or other; whether past, present or future. A profound and satisfying process that helps put the wordless into words.

The Virtues Journal – Write to Live by Your Highest Values

Since completing training as a Virtues Project facilitator I have adapted their five teaching strategies into journaling techniques that help you to develop an attitude of gratitude, to reflect upon and draw insights from teachable moments, to commit to a particular virtue or quality you want to develop, and to access your intuition through ‘wisdom dialogues’, deepening your own spiritual or reflective practice. This process is not linked to any particular religion or spiritual beliefs but is universal in its application. The purpose is to inspire and support you to live by your highest values.

Write to Unravel: Reclaim Your Inner Wildness (Workshop or Course)

Explore and enhance your archetypal qualities through prose, poetry, journaling, authentic sharing and movement.
• Discover your essence
• Share your story
• Clarify your vision
• Speak your wisdom
Move, write, play and be provoked. Listen to and trust your creative spirit.

Write to Unravel: Unconventional Journeys

Who would you be if you really trusted yourself? How could you live your life with more creativity, passion and authenticity?

Through creative writing and journaling exercises, we will explore our deepest selves, sharing with each other some of our most cherished dreams and the doubts and fears that prevent us from taking the first step towards fulfilling those dreams.

Writing down your truth has power. Speaking it aloud brings courage. Acting upon your truth is the heroic journey, and often the path of those who choose unconventional lives.

Write, play and be provoked. Listen to and trust your creative spirit, and honour the unconventional journeys of others in the circle.

UNRAVEL YOUR SELF – Through Journalling and Life Writing

In this playful series of classes, we explore our selves and our lives, discovering new patterns and insights as we dabble in the delights of journaling and life writing. Exercises include: descriptive writing, reflection, portraits of places and people, cathartic expression, unsent letters, mapping out the stepping stones and desire lines of our lives, inner-wisdom dialogues, dreamwork, personal myth and fairytale. Together we unravel and gather the significant threads of our life stories and weave them into series of smaller stories that begin to reveal the bigger picture of who we are and why we are here.

Just Between Us – Life Writing for Fun and Friendship

What memorable experiences, significant moments, and untold stories are in your life? What pearls of wisdom would you like to dispense to the next generation? What secrets and adventures are you longing to share or relive? Whether you want to write for fun, companionship, creative expression or with a view to publication, this is a great course to begin the journey. In these sessions—facilitated in a climate of safety and guided activities—you will discover how to write your own stories in a way which is flowing, effective and fulfilling. And along the road you’ll develop some very special friendships with fellow travellers.

Lucky Dip Writing Circle – Journalling, Poetry, and Word Play

A lucky dip into all kinds of writing exercises that will stretch your creativity, make you laugh and touch you with the stories discovered and shared. You will delve into journaling, dabble in poetry, delight in word play, develop your metaphors and similes, and discover your unique writing voice. You will find yourself in a place where you can relax and be both trusted and trusting. In this wonderful process, you will feel respect, compassion and openness grow stronger within the group.

Opening Through Words – Introductory Writing Circle

This one-day workshop is a playful introduction to the variety of workshops available through Write to Unravel. There will be new ideas to spice up your journal, a chance to dabble in poetry and metaphor, and an introduction to the challenges and rewards of life writing. Together we will unravel our stories, poems and reflections in an atmosphere of intimacy and positive support. In this wonderful process, you will feel respect, compassion and openness grow stronger within the group.

Writing Into Being: The Wonder of Wondering

A weekend of writing activities, relaxation and reflection in a rural setting. The retreat will be an opportunity to step out of the rapids of our ordinary busy lives and to dwell in the deep still pools and slow rivers of our heartfelt connections to place, spirit and each other. We write to know ourselves, each other and the world we belong to. In an atmosphere of safety and acceptance, together we share the wonder of wondering through writing and wandering in nature.

Since 2008, Nicola has assisted writers of all levels of experience to find and develop their authentic writing voices in a highly supportive environment – one in which they are able to form intimate connections with each other, while gaining new insight into the stories they choose to share. She supports her workshop participants to unravel or ‘let go’ into a creative space where the words and ideas can flow without being hindered by the analytical mind. 

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Participant Feedback

“I loved Nicola’s one-on-one sessions and drew a huge amount of inspiration from them. They gave me new perspectives on looking at my work and process. Being able to reflect upon my artistic ideas and methods through creative writing, guided by a professional writer, was a unique experience for me and very rewarding. Nicola’s workshops helped me prepare catalogue text for my solo exhibition, Trapped, in 2015. I highly recommend any artist to attend one of Nicola’s workshops or to work with her individually.”

Cecile Williams, Visual Artist, Denmark WA

“Your passion for writing is evident in your teaching style.  You are sharing with us a great joy. Your style says, ‘Come play with me.’  Never dry or stuffy or dictatorial, but inspirational and encouraging…The anonymous readings of longer pieces were an essential element.  I feel that hearing another’s writing somehow validates the process; and there is something powerful at play in the sharing—emphasising our uniqueness in our stories, but also recognizing our common humanity.”

Catherine Mercer, Poornarti Tours, Denmark WA

 “Like a grey ghost, for decades I hungrily shadowed the histories of others in the belief their stories were far more compelling than my own. [Nicola] opened fresh summer breezes onto wintry landscapes. In a private sanctuary, precious stories unfolded lovingly and tenderly. We shared the magnificence of each other’s histories in all their ugliness and beauty. I spilled my story onto pages and farewelled the strictures of the sub editorial craft. The artist was given free rein. It was exhilarating.” 

Patricia Gill, Editor, Denmark Bulletin, Denmark WA

“Just at this moment I’d like to really, truly and deeply thank you…for easing me out. If it hadn’t been for your generous and gentle workshops over the past few years, I would still be an audience member and not an active participant in poetry performance, recitals and other such events. I deeply appreciate you, Nicola. Just so you know.”

Dawn Atkin, Author of ‘My Hip Goddess’
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