When the beloved turns his face away

and his sister gives you kind smiles.

When you feel yourself slipping into loss

and longing for what never could be.

When you have paused for the day

in a wilderness by the sea —

an aching roll of golden sand dunes,

unstitched and unheld by green.

When you hear the sea calling you,

as you once longed for him to call you.

When your bare feet walk and then run

of their own accord

away from the solitude of unequal hearts

and into the solace of untouched sand.

When suddenly

your body dissolves

into a thousand tiny white moths,

two thousand fluttering wings,

and you can’t feel your feet

or the hot sand anymore —

because you are this soaring, winging

movement across the undulating gold

and into the roaring blue.

When afterwards you have no idea

where you went, or why, or how…

Only that you were not you;

that Life opened its secret lips

And swallowed you whole…

if only for a moment.