Down by the water in the summery heat,

Fisheries Officers are out on the beat,

Singin’ “Hey there fishers, learn from the past –

Fish for the future and make the fish last.”

Long time ago, when the cod was king,

More fish were swimmin’ than you’ve ever seen.

The cod were so many, as the story goes,

You could walk on the water and not wet your toes.

But the fishers back then took more than they should,

Singin’ “Cod fish forever!” and “Isn’t it good!”

They all believed in the bounty of the seas

And no-one imagined this could ever cease.

It was cod fish for breakfast, cod fish for tea,

A little cod for you and even more for me!

But one sad day, the cod were all gone

And the fisher folk cried at what they’d done.

We’re the keepers of the oceans, rivers and lakes,

And everyone knows we’ve made mistakes,

But the fishers back then didn’t understand

How everything’s connected through water and land.

All the little fishies have a life to lead –

They’re not just there to give us a feed!

So if you’re hooked on fishin’, use the right tools

And never forget the Fisheries rules:

That’s fish for the future – let the fish breed;

Take just enough for a family feed;

Free any fish below minimum size;

’Cause that’s the way to be fishing-wise.

Abalone, rock lobster, marron, and crab,

Let them grow and don’t just grab.

If you catch a little nipper, smaller than your gauge,

Throw him back and let the kid age.

Turtle, whale, dolphin, shark and manta ray

Gotta be protected if we want ‘em to stay

Wanna go nettin’?  Use the right gear,

’Cause you never can tell when a dugong’s near.

If we care for the ocean, keep it clean,

Leave no scars where we have been.

We can make a difference, if we do that

‘Cause there won’t be any fish without habitat!

The responsibility is yours and mine

So let’s all dance and clap in time:

“I’m a friend of the fisheries, and here’s my chant:

Ecologically sustainable development!”

That’s you and me and every fisher who cares

Working together for sustainable shares.

’Cause the world is learnin’ from lessons past:

Fish for the future and make the fish last!